Em·pir·i·cal Packaging Solutions

EPS recognizes the fact that a sustainable packaging future for the USA food manufacturers have to take a pioneering attitude if it's to succeed

Given the fact that the current USA marketplace is significantly behind the rest of the world, it needs a jump start into a globally already well developed market place.

This is where EPS enjoys unique empirical positioning.

EPS has deep long-standing connections to all things sustainable in the global packaging materials world.

We believe that there is no need to start at the beginning of the first step of the progression to a sustainable packaging future

We really do have the Knowledge to deliver real sustainable solutions that already have a proven track record in the retailer- consumer chain

Denest trays with 0 - 1mm gap

  • Reducing delivery costs and carbon footprint, more trays, fewer trucks.

  • Less storage and pallet movement throughout the factory.

  • Longer run times before reloading trays, higher machine efficiencies.

  • Helping to make packaging more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Reduce your Packaging Footprint

  • Going from Clamshell to Top-Seal you will save 10 Tonnes of Plastic for every 1 million trays sealed.

  • Reduce the weight of your lid by 70% when moving from a rigid lid to Top-sealed lid.

  • Reduce your goods in by 40% when using Top-seal packaging

  • Up to 40% plastic reduction moving to a top sealed container versus a clamshell.