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INTRAY Electric Denesters


INTRAY electric denesters are the most advanced denesting solutions available today.

Designed for high-capacity production flows with differentiated dispensing speeds of up to 200 trays per minute, INTRAY denesters enable the lowest operating costs per tray of any current denester.

QUPAQ’s comprehensive range of INTRAY denesters do this by providing unparalleled efficiency: reliably low maintenance needs, low energy costs, automatic adjustment of tray drop height, and fast and simple switching of tray-denesting tools.

All INTRAY electric denesters are designed for no-compromise hygiene and reliable uptime. Of course, INTRAY denesters fit seamlessly with the rest of QUPAQ’s modular tray denesting and handling solutions, so food producers can flexibly and economically change packing lines according to their needs.